How to Contribute: the Easiest Way

Ardour 5 Tutorial

Reading time ~2 minutes

Thanks for your interest in contributing to this tutorial.

There are many ways to help. The only requirement is you will need to create a GitHub account (it’s free).

Method #1: Submit an issue

An issue can be anything: reporting a typo, a mistake, an outdated passage; or making any suggestions for improving the content and structure of the tutorial. This can be done directly through your browser; nothing else is needed.

  1. Log in to your GitHub account

  2. Go to

  3. On the right side column, click on “Issues”

  4. Click on the green button “New Issue”

  5. Give it a straightforward title, and describe the issue in details in the comment section.


  • Always specify the name of the page (post title) you are referring to. For example, “In the Recording Audio section…”

  • Before submitting a new issue, take a look at existing ones. Perhaps you will find that your idea or suggestion has already been posted by someone else. In this case, feel free to add a comment to that existing thread, instead of opening a duplicate issue.

  • Submitting an issue is the easiest way to contribute: you just post your suggestion or idea and I’ll review and fix the issue as appropriate.

  • If you are willing to learn a little bit more about GitHub, you can go beyond just submitting issues. For example, you could edit the page yourself and propose the change (“pull request”) to be included in the published tutorial (“merge”). Read on Method #2 in the next section if you would like to try.


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Published on December 30, 2014

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